Bohemian Corner || Prague, Czech Republic

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As I surveyed the sky from my hostel window I contemplated whether to go out and shoot or just grab a few pints of Czech beer. Although it was very tempting, I had to get out and make the most of the day.

After climbing the 7 story spiral dungeon like stairs I made it to the top of the Powder Tower. Although it was a tight view, it was an amazing view of Old Town Prague. Was amazing to get a high level view of the amazing bohemian city. To my luck the sky was exploding with color and the corner provided a perfect perspective of the city. So once again I learn the lesson "Just Go Shoot!!" ......still had the beer or 5 after :) 

Technical Stuff: 

CAMERA:    Sony A7R

LENS:    Zeiss 16-35mm f/4 - Shot at 18mm

TRIPOD:    RRS Travel Clamp

HARDWARE:    11' Macbook AirWacom Manga Tablet

SOFTWARE:    Capture One 9 - Photoshop CC 2015.5 - Nik Color Efex Pro 4


Sky - ISO 50, 1/4 sec at F/8

Base - ISO 50, 5 sec at F/8

Extra Lights - ISO 50, 30 sec at F/8

Super Highlights - ISO 50, .5 sec at F/8

TAKEN:    August 17, 2016

TECHNIQUE: First item to clean up was the extreme distortion from shooting at 18mm.  Using Keystonning in Capture One it was easy to fix the distortion. Usually blending a "sky" with a "base image" is always the hardest part of the process.  Luckily with this image the horizon was pretty level and there was not too many buildings in the way.  So with a simple gradient ramp I was able to blend the sky with the base image.  Using blending mode "Lighten" with the "Extra Lights" exposure I was able to manually add extra lights to the image.  Since it was taken at a different time from the "Base Image" not as many of the lights were on at the time.  Lastly the "Super Highlights" exposure was used to clean up some of the blown out areas.  

TIPS:     Make sure you have a tabletop tripod or travel clamp along with your normal tripod.  There will be times where tripods are not allowed and most of the time a tabletop one or a clamp you can get away with.  Perfect example was this shot here, I used the RRS travel clamp on the railing to be able to keep my image stable.  Also it was a very tight space and a tripod would have not fit anyways.