Tunnel Vision || Amsterdam, Netherlands

When you think of Amsterdam I'm sure there are alot of things that come to mind. I came into the city expecting it to be a circus of spoils. I was pleasantly surprised to find a lively and beautiful city. Filled with families, couples, and people from all over the world. It's a city where there is literally everything for everyone no matter how good or bad you want to be.

What was so impressive was these massive canals systems that run throughout the whole entire city.  I sat for hours watching the boats pass by and waving to people enjoying their day on the water.  This particular area is called the "Seven Tunnels" as from this intersection from the water you can see seven different archways at the same time.  

View this Spot on Locationscout.net

View this Spot on Locationscout.net


Technical Stuff: 

CAMERA:    Sony A7R

LENS:    Zeiss 16-35mm f/4 - Shot at 22mm

TRIPOD:    RRS TVC-24L w/ BH40 Ballhead

HARDWARE:    11' Macbook AirWacom Manga Tablet

SOFTWARE:    Capture One 9 - Photoshop CC 2015.5 - Nik Color Efex Pro 4


Base Exposure - ISO 50, 30 sec at F/8

Sky - ISO 50, .5 sec at F/8

Extreme Highlights - ISO 50, 1.6 sec at F/8

TAKEN:    July 31, 2016

TECHNIQUE: This was a 3 part shot.  In the base image I was able to capture the light trails and city lights during a nice blue hour time.  But 30 minutes before the lights came on I was able to get some great detail in the sky.  Then lastly a dark exposure was captured to get the extreme highlights that could be blended in later in post.  Using luminosity mask I was able to introduce the sky into the base image.  Then using masks as well I was able to target just the extreme highlights and manually blend in the exposure.  During the shoot one of the archways did not light up as I had expected.  Cloning the left archway and transforming it to fit in the 3rd archway I was able to insert the lights and blend it in seamlessly.  Once the blend was completed contrast was added with Color Efex Pro and color correction, sharpening, dodging and burning were completed in Photoshop.  

TIPS:     When shooting a cityscape scene with street lights and signs make sure to capture a darker exposure and to ensure you get the detail in the highlights.  For this image the darker exposure provided detail for street lamps, archway, and inside the windows.