Elevate || Roy's Peak, New Zealand

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View Spot on Locationscout.net

Technical Stuff: 

CAMERA:    Sony A7R

LENS:    Zeiss 16-35mm - Shot at 35mm

TRIPOD:    RRS TVC-24L w/ BH40 Ballhead

HARDWARE:    11' Macbook Air Wacom Manga Tablet

SOFTWARE:    Capture One 9 - Photoshop CC 2015.5 - Nik Color Efex Pro 4

TAKEN:    November 22, 2016

I'm not much of a hiker and have never understood people who love hiking. Of course the views are always worth it but it is a painful journey to the top. To me it's all about the destination and not the journey.

The hike to Roy's Peak is not for the faint of heart and carrying a full pack does not help. But it taught me a good lesson. It's not about the time it takes, it's about making progress towards something. This project will be my life's work, and I can't just skip to the end, I just have to make sure that I am making progress everyday.



Sunrise - ISO 50, 1/6 sec at F/8

Golden Hour - ISO 50, 1/20 sec at F/8

TECHNIQUE: WIth this shot I wanted to capture the beautiful color of the sunrise and combine it with the warm light of the golden hour.  To combine the two exposures a horizontal gradient ramp was used to blend the two exposures.  Nik Color Effex Pro was used to add contrast and balance the color of the blended image.  Color correction was applied using photoshop and also dodging and burning to accentuate the light on the mountains and the lake.   

TIPS:     If you are shooting a very large scene like this image it is hard to determine the scale of the scene.  Adding a person or object can provide scale to your image to show just how large the environment really is.