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Capture The World's Mission

From these tours the community will gain full access and instructions on how I create my striking imagery. This idea was inspired by two strong passions. To explore every country in the world, and to capture stunning imagery to inspire travel.  With these two ideals "Capture the World" was born.  Through this journey I hope to inspire and to create a community around this idea of traveling and photographing the world.  Travel has changed my life for the extreme better and I hope to pass this idea to others. So join me as I "Capture the World'.   

To explore all 195 UN Countries in the world and capture stunning images that represent the iconic beauty and unique landscape from each one. For The Project, one image will be that representation for each country.  The gallery will continue to change and evolve as new gorgeous locations are visited and previous countries are perfected. Using the communities feedback I want to ensure the most spectacular image is captured to showcase their country.  Through social media viewers can follow along on the journey but can also be apart of capturing the photo for their country by joining Photo Tours that will be conducted in each country.          

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Northern Lights in Iceland

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“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” - T.S. Eliot

Josh Owen

Josh Owen | Professional Travel Photographer

Josh Owen is a Landscape and Cityscape photographer whose passion is to explore and capture the most inspiring and beautiful places in the world. This once 9-5 daily grinder, decided to leave his six figure job and home behind in hopes of building a successful location independent lifestyle.  

Since 2014 , he has traveled to over 31 countries across 4 continents.  From Josh's travels grew his passion for photography.  Focusing on exploring some of the most iconic and unknown places in the world, and capturing them in ways the viewer has never seen before.  Through his engaged social media following, Josh's work has been featured in the "National Lighthouse Museum" in Staten Island, NY.  Join him as he attempts to Photograph Every Country in the World.  


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